Who is ‘Seany’?

Twelve years ago Sean Robins, namesake of The Seany Foundation, sat down with his parents Amy and Mitch and told them he wanted to start a foundation. He was angry at the injustice of cancer and wanted to make life better for kids, teens, and young adults like him. He was 21 at the time and going through his third relapse of Ewing sarcoma. Sean couldn’t fathom why the government would underfund childhood cancer research and how the public would allow it. He also wanted to bring to light some of the unique issues he and others his age experienced as young adults living with pediatric cancer.

Before he became a patient—and later advocate—Sean was a mischief-maker. He was also fun loving, whip smart, and wise beyond his years. He truly valued his family, and enjoyed spending time with them. He liked going to the movies to watch horror and action films with his dad; playing videogames and baseball with his older brother Alex; and, when she was young, getting on the floor and playing kiddie games with his then baby sister Emily—and as they got older, sharing the stage in a local theatrical production of Annie with her. Sean also liked to be fashionable, and would hit up the mall, shopping and chatting with his mom.

A bit of an introvert, Sean loved watching movies, listening to music, and was all about the Harry Potter book and movie series, which was hugely popular at the time. He also preferred the company of a few good friends to a crowd of acquaintances. His longest, closest friend is perhaps Matthew Burdman of San Diego. Sean also loved baseball and was great at it. He had a great singing voice, but would never really sing. Rather, he’d do goofy voices and sing parodies of songs instead.

Sean was passionate about the people and issues he cared about. He was devoted to his family and cherished time with them. He wanted nothing more than for kids like himself to be free of the burden of cancer to enjoy their lives like everybody else. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer on November 17, 2006. And while he was never able to see his seedling of an idea flourish into the vibrant organization it is today, Sean’s tenacious and caring spirit lives on in everything we do at The Seany Foundation.

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