Top 5 Moments of Seany’s Camp Reach for the Sky 2015

Top 5 Moments of Seany’s Camp for the Sky 2015


Hey Seany Supporters,


We hope everyone had a great camp season this year! It was an amazing season and we hope everyone made memories that will last a lifetime. I know we all did here at The Seany Foundation. We’d like to thank all of our counselors, leadership staff, donors, and most of all, all of our campers for making this year our best camp season yet! We wouldn’t be able to do anything without all of you guys, so thank you very much everything this year. Every year we have  top memories or moments that stand out to us. Below are  some of our highlights from Seany’s Camp Reach for the Sky 2015:


High ropes course at SIBS:


Each year our campers do this, and each year it is amazing to see the new heights they can reach. We so proud to see the courage and determination our campers display while doing the high ropes course activity.

IMG_5004 IMG_5056

Dance Night at ROC:


The dance was AMAZING this year at ROC. Everyone looked stunning and busted out their best dance moves!

11147226_1072054459479209_8762735732889914046_o 11411900_1072054646145857_6919861773910506240_o

Dunk Tank at Day Camp:


What’s better than soaking your counselors in a dunk tank? Our day camp camper had a blast submerging their counselors into the chilled water of the tank.

IMG_0257-2 IMG_0163-2

 Food wheel at SIBS:


The food wheel at SIBS this year was crazy! The final match literally came down to the last two seconds of the whole event! I feel a rematch coming on next year between Kit-Kat and Big Foot.

IMG_5883 IMG_0268

Marshmallow Fight at Day:


Thousands of marshmallows covered in flour? I’m in! Our youngest campers made the biggest mess at our marshmallow fight this year and they loved it.

IMG_9837-2 IMG_9859-2

Don’t forget about our upcoming events either guys! We’ve got really great things coming up in the next few months, so make sure to keep update with The Seany Foundation via Facebook and our blog!


Upcoming Seany Events:

9/26: Seany’s 8th Annual Everything is Possible Gala

10/29: Seany’s Open House

2/6: Seany’s Third Annual 5k


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