Top 5 Camp Reach for the Sky Costumes 2015

Top 5 Camp Reach for the Sky Costumes 2015

This has been quite a summer at The Seany Foundation, and what’s summer camp without some crazy themed costumes? We had some of the BEST costumes to date at camp this year. Below are a few of our standout costumes:


Dan V – Dr. Suess:

Who doesn’t like a distinguished looking man holding books?


Kit-Kat and Vicks – The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Ridding Hood:

We specialize in reenacting fairy tales here at day camp.


Chachi and Mermaid – Boogie-women:

Obviously, ROC knows how to get down. Here’s a couple of our resident boogie specialists Chachi and Mermaid.


ROC Staff – Oompa Loompas:

ROC staff has no fear. If it requires a lot of facepaint and itchy wigs on a hot summer day, we’re probably in.


Butterfly – Mummy:

We don’t keep much underwraps at camp, but when we do it probably involves becoming a mummy.



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Upcoming Seany Events:

9/26: Seany’s 8th Annual Everything is Possible Gala

10/29: Seany’s Open House

2/6: Seany’s Third Annual 5k


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