Seany Records Is Born

Seany Records, doing good through good music

Seany Records, doing good through good music

So, if you haven’t heard the story behind Seany Records yet, well, here is an abbreviated version:  When Sean was still in high school, Sean went up to LA with his girlfriend (who was a pop singer at the time) to meet with EMI music exec Harlan Lansky.  They hit it off.  Impressed with Sean’s knowledge of and enthusiasm for music, Harlan offered Sean a summer internship.  Unfortunately, Sean relapsed and was never well enough to make the extended trip up to LA.  After his passing, Harlan called Mitch to explain that he wanted to start a record label in Sean’s honor and have it benefit The Seany Foundation.  And thus, Seany Records was born.  Seany Records’ current artist Or, the Whale is now touring across the country.

Be sure to check them out on MySpace when you get a chance!  A portion of profits from Seany Records is donated directly to The Seany Foundation.

Opening Day at the Races

Team Seany is dressing up for opening day at the races today at the Del Mar Racetrack.  We’re trying to learn the ropes of horse racing now that The Seany Foundation has some horses of its own that will soon be running. We’ll also be sure to see one of our directors and top-givers, Jeffrey Strauss (a big race aficionado), at the track.

At last year’s Celebration gala at Moores UCSD Cancer Center, Dyan and Barry Abrams announced a surprise donation to The Seany Foundation.  Mr. Abrams originally met Mitch Robins at the cementery on one of the many afternoons that Mitch spends visiting a small, personal garden alongside the stone etched with Sean’s name.  After having visited the website and having been touched by Sean’s story and Sean’s own words on his CarePages, Mr. Abrams decided to make a contribution that would continue to give back over the years.

The Abrams bought two new thoroughbred horses, named them “Seany’s Story” and “Seany’s Courage”, and promised 25% of all winnings to The Seany Foundation.  Their generosity moved the crowd and was certainly a wonderful and welcome surprise for the Foundation.

Thank you, Dyan and Barry! We hope you enjoy this racing season!  We’ll look forward to seeing you at the track.