Seany’s Happy Camper 5k Recap

On Saturday, March 1, The Seany Foundation and 200 of our closest friends stepped out into the rain for our 1st Annual Seany’s Happy Camper 5k Run/Walk. If you don’t know already, San Diego isn’t exactly known for its rain and bad weather. But despite the wetness, we had an unbelievable turnout. Together, we raised over $25,000 for Seany’s Camp Reach for the Sky. I repeat, $25,000!!! Thank you so much for Jenna and everyone at RoadRunner for being such rockstars on this event.



Registration was busy! But we had the best volunteers in the biz helping us out. Everyone was getting excited that the sun was shining and hoping that the rain would hold off just a little bit longer.

The incredibly awesome and talented Erin Brown hand made 50 golden capes for all of the survivors and caregivers to wear! It was so awesome seeing those gold capes running around.



Delicious coffee, fruit and muffins were provided by Flavor Integrations, Kevin’s Bartending Service and Major Events for everyone to get pumped and ready for the race. Those homemade muffins really were delicious!

Just as the race was about to start, the torrential downpour started up again! But our runners didn’t care. They laughed in the face of rain! With a countdown from 5, they were off!





After just 16 short minutes, our first place winner was coming into the finish line. I don’t remember the exact number because it was so insane. Also, after he finished, he went out and ran it again. Very impressive!


After the race was over, everyone hung around for some awards and shmoozing. And of course, more coffee and muffins. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did and we can’t wait until next year!






Please visit our gallery or facebook page to view more pictures!

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