Meet Kahila: The Face Behind the Podcast

Have you heard what’s new in The Seany Foundation (TSF) community? Hopefully you have heard by now some of the amazing new initiatives coming from The Seany Foundation such as the CARES initiative and Cancer: The Easy Life podcast!

Meet Kahila, the woman behind two incredible new movements happening at the foundation. Kahila is a Marriage and Family Therapist currently working as a life coach to help people discover their highest possible selves. She is passionate, driven, and lets her heart lead the way in all her endeavors. Her goal is to empower and motivate those around her and if you have ever had the opportunity to speak with her you would also agree.

But Kahila is much more than what she brings to the table! When she was just 13 years old, Kahila moved to the United States. She speaks two languages, both Persian Farsi and English and has lived in three different countries. Originally born in Iran, Kahila lived with her parents and older brother before moving to Germany for a year and then establishing California as her new home. Although she has been here for over 20 years, Kahila still remembers how terrifying it was relocating to an entirely new country and not knowing how to speak the language. Like many other kiddos she experienced bullying and challenges, but also like other kiddos, Kahila loved Disney movies, especially The Jungle Book!

Although Kahila is passionate about helping others, she is sure to take time out for herself so she can let her hair down and let lose a little bit. She even shared a secret with me!! She told me she loves to dance and sing to Lionel Richie’s “Hello” AND she is always up for a good Kiki Challenge dance off!!

So how did this fun loving, passionate woman land here at TSF? Simple: Bernie (aka Madrid). Who doesn’t know Bernie?! This guy can hook anyone who gives him 2 minutes to talk about TSF because either A) He’s just thatgood; B) TSF is just that good…or C) It’s a lotta bit of both A and B!

Well, Kahila gave Bernie 2 minutes of her time and the rest was history! In time you will get to hear more about Kahila’s story so I’ll keep it short but she’s worked over the past few years volunteering and raising money for Ovarian Cancer, the same cancer that cut her mom’s life short. After meeting Bernie she found the perfect home to combine the sentimental connection to the cancer community through her mom’s diagnosis and her passion for helping to empower others through mental health.

We are so excited to have Kahila launch Cancer: The Easy Life podcast. Who is this podcast for? This podcast is for anyone who has ever known someone who has been impacted by cancer, so the short answer is: This podcast is for EVERYONE! Who doesn’t love a good pod cast now a days? We are making the effort to reach a new platform to create a safe place to talk about the most impactful aspects of cancer. You can listen to it in your car, at home, on a plane…ANYwhere! (See below for easy and convenient phone app options.)

Cancer seems to be taboo while mental health is definitely still very taboo so we’re here to challenge that norm and work to re-create and establish a new norm. It’s ok talk about it! This is bigger than a support group, this a tool for understanding, education, and where people can connect on an every day level. We’re changing what the relationship between cancer and mental health looks like!

Additionally, one of the questions I am often asked is “what does TSF do for the community outside of camps?” So here it is: Did you know that in 2017, in collaboration with Kahila, TSF launched the CARES initiative to bring open discussions about mental health and its relation to the cancer community? These events and workshops are free and open to the public, have provided catered dinners AND free child care! We also have some really exciting events coming up in the next few months, such as the Childhood Cancer Thrivership Symposium happening on Sat. Nov. 17th at Marina Village, but we can talk more about that a little later. (You can register for this event at

Be sure to join us! Be a part of the conversation and let us know what you want to hear. This is much different than anything currently out there and we want your voice to be heard and for you to be a part of it!

Podcast Apps:

Iphone: Podcast App (purple icon) Search: Cancer the Easy Life

Android: Podcast Player (purple icon) Search: Cancer the Easy Life

Soundcloud: Cancer the Easy Life