Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is an incredibly important time for us. On September 1, we have 30 days to spread the word about Pediatric Cancer. Help us by sharing our posts with your friends on Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc, and follow our experiences on our page this month. We will be taking an in depth look at Pediatric Cancer and how it shapes all of our lives. From parents, grandparents, siblings and friends, cancer has given all of us a shared experience and one that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy, but has definitely shaped who we are today. We hope that you learn something from these courageous kids and young adults, we learn from them every single day. Remember, #campmakesadifferece!

Day 18: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Day 18: “Watching these kids who may have been in the hospital the week before, climb to the top of the [rock-climbing wall or hit a bull’s-eye in archery is inspiring and life changing.” – Stephen “Gabby” ‪#‎childhoodcancerawareness‬ ‪#‎ccam‬‪#‎iamyourdollar‬ ‪#‎campmakesadifference‬


Day 16: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Day 16: Seany’s Camp Reach for the Sky gives kids with cancer the chance to just be kids. Having fun and being with kids who know what you’re going through is plays a huge role in recovery! Learn more about camp at ‪#‎childhoodcancerawareness‬ ‪#‎gogold‬‪#‎seanyscr4ts‬ ‪#‎iamyourdollar‬ ‪#‎campmakesadifference‬


Day 15: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Day 15: “I am proud to say I was a CR4TS camper. I am even prouder to say I am a CR4TS Volunteer. I encourage everyone to be a part of this life-changing camp…” – Benji “Noodles” Quintero