Seany’s Camp Reach for the Sky Programs

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Teen Winter Weekend

Teen Winter Weekend (TWW), a weekend camping session for teens with a cancer diagnosis and their siblings that was discontinued nearly six years ago due to a change in funding priorities by the American Cancer Society (ACS). Teens receiving treatment for cancer and their siblings have been begging for the program’s return ever since it was closed. By once again offering this teens-only session in 2015, The Seany Foundation aims to show its dedication to meeting the unique needs of the teenagers in our community affected by childhood cancer. TWW, will be held on February 26-28, 2016 at the YMCA Raintree Ranch in Julian, CA.

2017 DATE: February 10 – February 12

Registration is now open! Please click here or go to the “registration” tab on our website to begin your application.

Family Camp

Historically, our camper population has included pediatric oncology patients ages 4 to 17 years old and their siblings. Our goal at Camp is to give all kids coping with cancer the chance to be kids—an experience often taken away or put on hold by the disease. Even though the emphasis is on having fun, campers often informally and organically share their concerns and experiences with each other. Seany’s Family Camp will give 20 families the opportunity to spend quality time together as a family, as well as find comfort and normalcy with their situation by meeting other families facing similar challenges. Unlike other family camps, Seany’s Family Camp will focus on the emotional needs of the otherwise healthy child, helping to support his or her struggle to understand and thrive alongside the parent’s life-threatening illness.

Staying true to The Seany Foundation’s mission, Family Camp’s primary focus will remain on the children within these families. The main objective of this camping session is to give these kids the opportunity to casually meet other kids who also have a parent diagnosed with cancer. Camp is a highly supportive, confidential atmosphere that serves as safe haven for the children who attend. By partaking in Seany’s Family Camp, the children will learn that they are not alone and leave with the understanding that they are just regular kids who happen to be dealing with some special problems.

Seany’s Family Camp is open to families who meet ALL of the following criteria:

    • Parent must be in active treatment (as opposed to supportive or palliative care) for cancer in the state of California
    • Parent in active treatment must be able to attend Seany’s Family Camp with his or her immediate family (spouse/partner of parent in active treatment for cancer and their children). Designated medical staff will be onsite to assist with general first aid
    • Parent must have at least one child between the ages of 4 and 17 years old in their immediate family
    • Parent must be able to self-administer any needed medications to self and family during the camping session
    • Parent or guardian planning to attend Seany’s Family Camp session must complete and return Registration Packet prior to being accepted (space is limited and need is high)
    • Parent or guardian must arrange for family’s transportation to and from the campsite, located in Julian, CA

Just a few of the activities participants of Seany’s Family Camp will look forward to include: Swimming, zip line, challenge course, rock-climbing wall, archery, hiking trails, game room, tree house & slide, basketball, tennis, meadow games, playgrounds, tetherball, horseshoes, music concerts, massages, manicures, catered meals, arts and crafts, and campfires. Activities are adjusted to meet the needs/health/strength challenges of all participants.

Resident Oncology Camp

Resident Oncology Camp is a truly magical place for the campers – children ages 8 to 17 who have or have had cancer – who attend. It is an all-out camping adventure that will allow your child to shed the hefty “cancer patient” label on the bus ride to camp. Resident Oncology Camp is a weeklong overnight experience held at a beautiful campground in the woods of Julian, CA.

While at camp, your child will be able to let loose and have fun, partaking in normal summer camp activities, all while surrounded by fellow campers and counselors who know firsthand what he or she is going through. While our goal is to give your child a fun-filled week to remember forever, we are also committed to meeting any and all of your child’s medical needs. This is possible the camp’s “Med Shed,” a complete clinic in the wilderness! The Med Shed is fully staffed at all times with dedicated physicians and nurses, the majority of whom come from the very hospitals where the children receive care when not at camp. The medical staff is equipped to handle everything from bug bites to chemotherapy and IV antibiotics. Needed medications and catheter flushings are administered daily. Medically speaking, the only difference between the hospital and camp is that at camp doctors and nurses trade in their white lab coats and scrubs for shorts and t-shirts!

It is important to note that approval from your child’s physician is required to attend camp. In many cases, a child’s doctor will rearrange a treatment schedule so that the child feels his or her best for the week of camp.

2017 DATES: July 3 – 8

Registration is now open! Please click here or go to the “registration” tab on our website to begin your application.

Sibling Camp

Sibling Camp sessions are specifically designed for the brothers and sisters of children with cancer. Kids ages 8 to 17 will gather at a beautiful campground in the woods of Julian, CA for a weeklong overnight camping adventure. While at camp, your child can participate in any number of summer camp activities such as hiking, archery, and arts and crafts. What makes Seany’s Sibling Camp so special is that it gives your child the opportunity to casually meet other kids who are going through similar experiences. It is a highly supportive and confidential atmosphere and a much-needed safe haven for the children who attend.

Camp not only will allow your child a chance to relax, have fun, and build new – often lifelong – friendships, it is also a safe place for your child to express all of those difficult, scary feelings that the siblings of a seriously ill child tend to keep bottled up inside. This is done organically in small, trusted groups facilitated by specially trained camp counselors. Children are welcome to share their feelings and experiences or just listen. Also, there is a licensed psychologist available to the campers at all times to help your child with any difficult emotions that may arise.

Most importantly, Sibling Camp and its many wonderful campers and counselors – many former campers themselves! – will give your child the support and strength he or she needs to continue to cope with the unique stressors that cancer puts on siblings.

2017 DATE: July 17 – 22

Registration is now open! Please click here or go to the “registration” tab on our website to begin your application.

Day Camp

Located in San Diego’s historic Balboa Park – right next to the San Diego Zoo – Day Camp is a weeklong daytime getaway for children ages 4 to 8 who have, or have had, cancer and their siblings of the same age group. An added bonus of being so close to the zoo is that campers get to hear their wild animal neighbors all day long!

After dropping off your child in the morning, he or she will spend the day doing all sorts of fun activities with friends both old and new. By having fun with true peers – kids their age who are also dealing with cancer – your child can get the support and strength needed to continue coping with cancer. The counselors and volunteers – many former and current campers themselves! – are also dedicated to helping your child have a great time in a supportive environment. In fact, it is not uncommon for children to have so much fun while at Day Camp that they protest when it’s time to go home!

As with other Seany camps, highly trained medical personnel are onsite at all times. The campground is also located near Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego should an emergency arise.

Day Camp also includes a supervised overnight activity at the end of the week for older campers. Day Camp begins at 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. Parents and guardians are responsible for getting children to and from camp. We can assist you in finding a carpool for your child if needed.

2017 DATES: July 31 – August 5

Registration is now open! Please click here or go to the “registration” tab on our website to begin your application.