Our largest and arguably most exciting project, Camp Reach for the Sky (CR4TS) is a free summer camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. The Seany Foundation has taken the reigns for CR4TS from the American Cancer Society, and will continue to run this magical place where kids dealing with the stress of cancer can go to hang out and connect with other kids who truly understand what they are going through.

Seany’s Camp Reach for the Sky is based in Southern California and is made up of camping sessions to meet the needs of those dealing with cancer. This includes Resident Oncology Camp for kids with cancer (residents), Sibling Camp for the brothers and sisters of kids with cancer, and Day Camp for residents and siblings.

The Seany Foundation first became involved with CR4TS in the summer of 2012, when TSF funded a special section of the camp called “Seany’s Corner.” Seany’s Corner allowed campers a chance to connect with peers and recharge their batteries before re-entering camp activities.

Seany’s CR4TS is a particularly special program because it is precious to the kids who attend. Because cancer threatens their futures, the time they spend at camp is invaluable. Although funding cuts threaten to close down similar camps across the nation, The Seany Foundation is committed to keeping the doors to Camp Reach for the Sky open.